Show and Tell - A Garden for Olivia

Things are happening! And by things, I mean my my newest fabric collection, "A Garden for Olivia". The collection is based on my paintings and is filled with imagery of moorish lattice, big round flowers, berries, buds, butterflies and pleasantly plump chirpy birds on twigs. The name is dedicated to my daughter, Olivia. I imagined - what would be the prettiest most wonderful garden that I could dream up for her? And, this is my answer and gift to her - for all of her patience, love and support of her working Mommy. And, after a year of working on this collection, the hardest part of the process is right now. It's the waiting! Any day now I am told by my manufacturer, In The Beginning Fabrics, that the first samples from the mill will arrive and I can't wait to get my hands on them! 

So, to pass a little time and get rid of some of this nervous energy, I thought it would be fun to have a little show and tell. Didn't you love show and tell as a kid? I did. Today, it's all about this collection of happy paintings.
Here are some sweet little flowers that seem to float. If you look closely, you will see that I could not resist the temptation to sneak in hearts throughout the background. 
I always like to include a "directional" painting and I have a weak spot for medallions. Wouldn't it be fun to have an old Volkswagon Van just to be able to sew curtains for it with this fabric pattern?
Here is the biggest pattern I painted - and it took two tries to get it right. The big flowers are about 6 inches wide. The fabric design is actually a mixture of this painting and a moorish lacy pattern that I painted (below). I combined the two in Photoshop. If you are ever looking for a visual puzzle and need to pass hours of time, I suggest you try and draw one of these patterns! I have a new found respect for the artists that thought up these patterns throughout time. They are real brain twisters. But fun!
Here is what it looks like put together... 
Below is my favorite painting in the whole collection. I just loved painting these little birds and berries and caught myself smiling while painting. These little guys hang out in the trees right outside my studio window and keep me company. 
They are so plump that it's amazing that they can fly. They always travel in groups and make the prettiest little quiet chirping noises. I cant wait to see this one on fabric!
A close up for you.
And here are a few of the paintings thrown together. Its going to be a warm and cozy collection and I hope that my fabric friends out there enjoy working with it as much as I enjoyed making these paintings! If you want to purchase my fabric, ask your local independent fabric store. If they do not carry it, you can always go online. Just Google "Lida Enche" and "Garden for Olivia" for online stores.  Thanks so much! Love, Lida.


Trin said...

Fabulous fabrics! I love the colors-especially as the weather is more gray every day.
Can't wait to buy several of them.

Terry Conner said...

Very nice paintings. They were definately worth the extra time it took to get it on fabric.

Maggie Smith said...

you are amazing - i am such a fan!! i absolutely loved the last collection and this one is just as beautiful. you are right - the little birds are beyond wonderful - i just love how you've captured them. i cannot wait to see the fabrics. congrats on your great and beautiful talent!

Lida Enche said...

Thank you, Maggie! I have looked at your art as well, and I am also a fan of you! I love creating these paintings and get excited to see them on something that is soft and huggable. I am working on the next collection right now and comments like yours really puts gas in the creative tank.

Lida Enche said...
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