A Summertime Daydream

It has been so cold, windy and gray, but the tiny buds that I am starting to see are happy little harbingers of warm, sunny and colorful days to come. Here is a painting of one of those dreamy Summertime days. I got so wrapped up in this imaginary place that I seem to have painted a few paintings within a painting.

Imagine relaxing on one of those Adirondacks, while smelling the salt air and watching the ferry slowly take its busy passengers back and forth across the sound. I can smell the lilies and dry grasses wafting through the air on a gentle breeze.

Who is that? The neighborhood critter, coming to curiously prowl around the garden, then slowly curl up and take a nap in the empty canoe.

Sailboats competing in a Regatta. How civilized.

And here is one of those strangely dark purple Japanese maples, laced with little lanterns and tucked behind a stand of delphiniums, Casablanca lilies and blackish purple hollyhocks. When I was a kid, I would have loved a place like that to sit and watch the world go by.

I hope you enjoyed my daydream of a painting - I sure loved painting it and thinking about all of the stories that go along with it. Peace and Happiness! Lida


elephanta said...

How gorgeous! I wish I could go there now.

Lida Enche said...

Me too! Thanks, elephanta. :)

Anonymous said...

Lida, I'm so proud of you! Hurrah! These fabrics are so vibrant and joyful.

Anonymous said...

Lida, these are gorgeous! You should be so proud.